The logo of the Damien Foundation consists of a heart with antennae. It is a picture of a heart-shaped butterfly. You could call it a “butterfly with a big heart”.

Our hearts

Our co-workers at the Damien Foundation dedicate themselves body and soul to their job. Their hearts are in it. The Damien Foundation supports projects and by doing so, opens its heart to patients and to anyone wishing to help.


Butterflies symbolise the millions of vulnerable, diseased persons who suffer from leprosy or tuberculosis. Butterflies also represent our hopes for a better life, for a cure, for social reinsertion and access to adequate, good-quality health care.

Indifference kills… the Damien Foundation cures!

These are challenging yet realistic words. If we do not open our hearts and if our Belgian population does not show its solidarity, we will be unable to give the necessary assistance through our projects. That would be contrary to our wishes. We wish not to stay indifferent but to help. Our hope is that the Belgian population will not be indifferent either and that they will make donations to the Damien Foundation.

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