Leprosy and tuberculosis

In Bangladesh, the Foundation is one of the government’s partners in operations. It supports the National Leprosy and Tuberculosis Control Programme in 14 of the country’s districts, covering a population of about thirty million. Although leprosy is less endemic in this country, tuberculosis is a major problem for public health.

Quality services

The Foundation has undertaken first and foremost to improve the detection and treatment of leprosy and tuberculosis among the population covered. A dense network of 136 diagnosis and treatment centres has been set up. It is integrated into government structures. With a view to improving accessibility for the population, the community as a whole has participated in the development of decentralised services. More than 5,000 so-called traditional doctors, plus cured patients, assume the role of DOT (Directly Observed Treatment) Provider. This helps substantially towards better discovery of patients suffering from tuberculosis and their treatment.

Start of the project 1972
Local partners Ministry of Health
Type of project • Initially leprosy
• Since 1993, leprosy and tuberculosis have been tackled jointly
Population covered in 2007 33.970.436
Patients detected and treated in 2007 • 21.766 tuberculosis patients
• 1.021 leprosy patients
Expenditure in 2007 960.773 euros

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