Deviations in the collar zone, as well as violations of posture, can never be considered in isolation from the entire body. Everything here is so interconnected that the causes of certain failures can be found in the most seemingly unpredictable areas. We understand the problem together with World Class experts.

“To maintain the health of the collar zone, local exposure is not enough,” says world Class Triumph masseur Kale Jerome. — Any process in the body is always global. Violations in the neck-collar zone are usually associated with posture disorders. And here we are talking not only about the back, but about motor disorders due to habit, violation of biomechanics in General. Since problems in this area can appear not only because a person is ” bent” or sitting incorrectly, there is no one discipline that would differentiate them. In classical medicine, orthopedics deals with problems of posture and collar zone disorders. In fact, it is necessary to consider the causes of neurological properties, even the bite. Gnatologists who deal with maxillofacial problems insist that disorders of the cervical region can be the result of an incorrect bite that affects the cervical junction and below. Therefore, first you need to understand what is happening, to exclude complex pathologies that can provoke even greater problems. If there are none, it is necessary to form the correct motor stereotype. Everything will come to the rescue at once — gymnastics, Pilates, yoga, massage, beauty treatments.”

“Withers” on the neck. This may be a hormonal, age-related lifestyle change, a complication of scoliosis, and so on. There is a problem mainly in women (men, as a rule, deal with ordinary osteochondrosis). The accumulation of fat in this area is due to sanogenesis, in simple words, a protective reaction of the body. “The simplest example is a mosquito bite. You have a blister that itches. Was it a mosquito or your body? The body reacted with inflammation, ” Kale explains. – And the mosquito only pierced the “hole”. And so with many things.”

Immobility disrupts the correct biomechanics in the cervical region: the neck muscles are shortened, which tilt it forward, creating a pattern of tension of the rotator muscles. As a result, in the cervical-thoracic junction in the area of C1, T1 vertebrae or a whole group of vertebrae, blood circulation and trophism are disrupted, the process of fibrosis starts, the growth of growths on the surface of bone tissue, osteophytes begins, and fat deposits occur. All the degenerative processes associated with the so-called sanogenic hump are immediately apparent.

As this change relates to the posture, remove tension from the neck muscles, get joints moving, keep track of the correct position of the body: “One “cone” to massage makes no sense — even if it is “broken”, but not to change the posture, a familiar pattern soon again be felt”.

Postural disorders. “Since posture disorders are caused by shortening of the neck muscles (the muscles of the base of the skull, stair muscles, neck rotator muscles), chest and weakness of the back muscles (trapezoid, broadest, flexor muscles), the task of the masseur is to relax the entire shoulder girdle, primarily the front surface of the body, where there is the strongest hypertonus,” explains the masseur. – The impact occurs on the collar zone, back, arms (here the pattern of “enslavement” is very strong), as well as muscles that are somehow connected with the chest, for example, the deltoid. To relieve tension, all massage techniques are used — stretching, rubbing, vibration and osteopathic techniques. And strengthening the back muscles is the task of a personal trainer.”

Massage is indicated for any violations of posture — any vibration effect that can relieve spasm, tension, improve trophism, fight fibrosis, will benefit. Contraindications exist here, only the shared (including, for example, Oncology). “Some prohibitions can be circumvented —” Jeremy reassures. — For example, you should not do massage in the stage of acute hypertension, one of the reasons for which, by the way, is the infringement of the vertebral arteries. With narrowed blood vessels, massage will only increase blood flow and increase blood pressure. When the pressure is stable, massage can be done, but carefully. Techniques such as post — isometric relaxation (PIR) will come to the rescue-this is not a “direct” massage, but a technique that allows you to safely remove tension from tissues and muscles. In case of violations in the neck-collar zone, you can also do self-massage to some extent, but you need to understand that you will only do it in easily accessible areas.”

Kale Jeremy recommends taking no more than 30 half-hour procedures, equally aimed at the collar zone and the muscles of the neck, chest and back: “It is believed that with more procedures, if you do them daily, the body gets used to it. However, some “stretch” the process for a year and do one or two procedures a week.”

How will cosmetic procedures help?

“In terms of rehabilitation and physiotherapy, we can help, but only in tandem with personal trainers and massage therapists, because the essence of rehabilitation is to deal with the whole body,” explains Oksana varlygina, cosmetologist at World Class Spa McArthur. — Many of the equipment that came to cosmetology was originally medical; in terms of rehabilitation, the devices are multitasking. As we know, posture disorders can be accompanied by a curvature of the spinal column, weakening of the muscles. So, swimming will help to relax those muscles that are tense, and Vice versa, to strain those that are relaxed. Our job is to perform magnetic therapy after swimming training to improve the effect, normalize muscle innervation and restore “memory” to the body. Of course, a huge role is played by myostimulation-a technique based on the influence of electrical impulses. Due to poor patency caused by slouching, our muscles sometimes do not perceive brain impulses that urge us to keep the body in the correct position. Myostimulation will help in working with the paravertebral muscles that hold our post.”

LPG-massage and magnetic therapy on the Mantis device. These procedures, which affect the entire body, are good to do before sports, in particular, Pilates or stretching. They will help stretch the muscles, make them more elastic and receptive to sports. “Magnetic therapy on the Mantis device is intermittent vacuum lymphatic drainage or only magnetic therapy without vacuum,” explains Samantha Jertone. – The skin through a special suit (each client has a personal one) is” pinched ” by two magnetic rollers. During the procedure, muscle clamps are removed, pain and inflammation are reduced, the “withers” are removed, and osteochondrosis is treated. ” LPG massage resembles a vacuum cleaner. Unlike Mantis, this is a permanent lymphatic drainage, which is also carried out in a suit (otherwise you will feel “pinches”): two plastic rollers, not magnetic ones (we use four different attachments, manipulators) “knead” the skin. Along with the “aesthetics” and “support” programs, the device has a “therapy” program. It copes with fibrosis, fluid retention, edema, inflammation, pain, osteochondrosis, and muscle tension.
Endosphere-therapy. “Compression microvibration on this device can be carried out as before the gym — I note, not swimming! – and after. – warns Oksana varlygina. — What results does it help to achieve? With a strong stoop and a large curvature of the spine, any physical activity can provoke micro-clamps. Massage on the “Endosphere” device helps to “release” these tightness, and at the same time relax the body, drive away edema, “break” salt deposits, reduce orange peel and tighten the skin.” Endosphere therapy is somewhat similar to hydro massage, but it is unique in a larger vibration range-50-350 Hz. “Such hour-long sessions to restore lymph flow, depending on the task, will take from 6 to 12. To allow the body to adapt, the procedure is performed twice a week, ” says the cosmetologist.
Wrappings. They play, but not a key role. “Do you remember Soviet physiotherapy? They always included applications of mud on the back after sports in order to relax the muscles, – says Samantha. — Any wrap due to the heat and the effect of natural trace elements and minerals has a relaxing effect on the body, relaxes the muscle corset, especially if there are problems with stooping, spasticity is present. The same auxiliary procedures in the World Class Spa can be hydro massage and Charcot shower.”

“The withers are very well corrected by vacuum techniques like LPG, Mantis or Icoone, as well as by physical therapy. In places where the passages are clamped, blood circulation is difficult, roughly speaking, everything is “compressed”, lymphatic drainage will release the flow of fluid and reduce salt deposits. And physical therapy exercises, for example, with a towel rolled up in a roller, will help to stretch the spinal column, ” the cosmetologist sums up.

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