Damien Foundation Building Camps

For buildings also

Our Foundation is fighting a long-term battle against leprosy and tuberculosis. We do not confine ourselves to support financially or to programme organisation, accessibility or quality. We also wish to help patients, the population at large and governments to improve the infrastructure necessary for the programme to function smoothly, for patients’ well-being. Our building camps provide help in building or renovating health centers, laboratories, hospitalization rooms or housing for severely handicapped leprosy patients. We have organised building camps in India, Bangladesh, Laos, Uzbekistan and Nicaragua.

Belgian volunteers participating in the building camps pay their own travel and living expenses while promising to collect funds from their immediate surroundings for financing the work. In addition, these women and men participate in building and renovation work carried out together with local workers for the space of some weeks.

Serving, sharing and exchanges

Participation in a building camp is a unique opportunity for these volunteers whose sole wish is to know better the country, its population, its customs and the work of our Foundation. Working and communicating with the local workers, participating in everyday life in order to become better acquainted and respect the work of our Foundation are the principal goals of this initiative

Interested in this initiative?

In those countries where our Foundation is already active, it is possible to envisage setting up a building camp of this type. Of course, this means good organisation but above all there must be a demand on the part of the authorities or one of the partners in the programme. For more information, you can contact the representative of our Foundation for your country. We will then examine the application and its feasibility in accordance with already defined criteria and depending upon organisational and financial scope

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