How to Keep Your Bedroom Dust-Free

How would you like to sleep in a squeaky clean bedroom? Of course, most of us would prefer going home to a clean house and a bedroom that’s dust-free and smells nice. A clean house and bedroom would make you want to go home early all the time.

But how can we really maintain a neat and orderly bedroom? Here are some tips for you to try:

1. Do spring cleaning every once in a while

If you have some stuff in your bedroom that you have not been using for quite some time, maybe it’s high time you let them go. That would give you more space in the room, and you will not accumulate dust for something stuck in your room that you’re not using anymore. If you spot some creeping organisms, call the pest control exterminators to get rid of them fast.

2. Be carpet-free

Magnified dust mites in carpetIf you cannot sweep and vacuum-clean your bedroom floor every day, then it would be best to get rid of the carpet in your room. Rugs, carpets, and mats tend to accumulate a lot of dust and even become the abode of dust mites. And admittedly, carpets are quite hard to wash, so the tendency is to let the carpet sit in the room for weeks to months or maybe even years without washing it. Can you just imagine just how much dusts it will already have by that time? This will not make your room dustier; it is not good for your health as well. When you have carpet in the room, you are more prone to coughs and colds.

3. Regularly clean the hardwood and hard surfaces

Wipe the dust off your wooden table or even bed frame on a regular basis. When you see that there’s already dusts on the table, wipe it off immediately. You have to be more proactive when it comes to dust. Remember that when there’s a lot of dust, chances are spiders and other insects can start living on them.

4. Close the window

Floor covered in dustWhen you leave the house, and no one is staying in the room, it would be better just to close the window and the curtains. That way, your room will be free from the dust particles brought about by the sun’s rays. Moreover, it can avoid the insects from the outside to go inside your room through the window.

5. Seal the carpet or linoleum

If you use a carpet in the room, make sure it can cover the entire room, and it is sealed using wax, oil or other sealing products. This also goes the same for linoleums. Make sure that mites and other insects will not be able to enter and stay underneath your carpet or linoleum.

Make it a regular habit to clean your room. No, you do not have to do it every day, but at least make it twice or thrice a week. Dust off the surfaces, sweep the floor and wipe it to make sure that your room is dust-free and insect free. Don’t give the insects a foothold and reason for them to make your room their habitat. If you maintain this cleanliness routine in your room, you will be able to keep your bedroom neat and orderly at all times.

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