An anthology of three major protagonists

Father Damien

Beginning in the village where he was born, on to the leprosy patients’ island of Molokai, Damien’s life is a history of sacrifice, courage and determination. Find out about the life of a man who sacrificed his entire life to live alongside the sick and the outcast.
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Raoul Follereau

He was a journalist, philosopher, lawyer and writer. However, more importantly, he was an advocate and spokesperson for all 20th century leprosy patients. Raoul Follereau was a Frenchman who will be remembered as the chief founder of the World Leprosy Day.
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Frans Hemerijckx

He was from Ninove and specialised in tropical medicine. He conceived the idea of “outpatient clinics”. Instead of isolating leprosy patients from their next of kin, he cared for them inside their own communities. In this way, he paved the way for the Damien Foundation’s work.
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