Scientific Research

Initially operational

The Damien Foundation supports scientific research to combat leprosy and tuberculosis as well as related diseases (such as Buruli ulcer). Our top priority is operational research projects which aim to improve our understanding of local difficulties, and suggest solutions. Our second priority is applied research, often via cooperation between a scientific institute and local project managers. We give the lowest priority to basic research projects. However, in recent years, the Foundation has supported a number of projects of this type.

A Vast Programme

Our 2007 budget for supporting scientific research is €586.150. The scientific research projects our Foundation is currently supporting are as follows:

Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp :

  • Tuberculosis, resistance to tuberculostatics treatment
  • Tuberculosis, confirmation of an algorithm for the diagnosis upon the occasion of smear negative pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Buruli ulcer

Pasteur Institute, analysis of immune defence mechanisms playing a role in the flare up of latent tuberculosis in test mice.

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Development of tools for fingerprinting Mycobacterium leprae.

Bangladesh, randomised trial testing of a six-month treatment for multibacillary leprosy.

India, randomised trial of single dose chimioprophylaxis for household contacts of multibacillary leprosy cases.

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